Haloed Bane

Twenty Seconds

Power Sinduin

In the wee hours of June 11, 2016, Sinduin successfully infilitrates Ministry of Defense HQ in Rome and begins to upload a worm developed by CSD-A. All of a sudden, panic time!

Marjuin asked, "What is it?"

"The entire screen just went blank," Sinduin replied.

"What did you do?!"

Sinduin was confused. "I don't know. I just... wait! Now it says: Combinazione per soppressione, but there's no space to put a password."

Marjuin cried, "My goodness! You've triggered an alarm. You have to figure it out in-"

"20 seconds," said Sinduin, cutting her off. "A friggin' countdown just appeared!"

"It's not a password," Marjuin said. "It must be some combination of keys. Figure it out, Power Girl, or we're screwed!"

"Ahhrg!" yelled Sinduin, forgetting about everything except her being upset at the nickname. Of course it was that stupid Sandalion who had taught Marjuin all about it. (Sinduin hoped that Marjuin was far too busy to read Earth comic books, let alone Earth-Two comics.)

Twelve seconds had passed by. Sinduin heard footsteps. A guard had probably heard her yell.

Damn it, she thought, as she bent hard over the keyboard to avoid being seen.

It's not fair. Why didn't my nickname for Sandalion stick?? She looks far more like Pippi Longstocking than I look like Power Girl.

Silence followed. If there was a guard, he had left.

Marjuin whispered into Sinduin's ear. "Well done. What was the combination?"

Sinduin suddenly remembered the alarm. It wasn't ringing, and soldiers weren't showing. What gives!

As she straightened up again, she heard all of the keys coming back up, relieved from the pressure of her heavy bosom.

"Sinduin?" Marjuin asked worriedly.

The latter smiled. "Power Girl never reveals her secrets."