Haloed Bane

Collection of Readings

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I. John 1:1-18

A translation of the King James text for the first 18 verses of the Gospel.

II. Sincerity Chapter

An excerpt from the Okamiakesh (i.e. the Calling Book), one of the key texts in the religion of Tarteism. Specifically, this is the beginning part of the third section of the chapter titled Raksi (Sincerity), penned by the High Priestess Gongenro (in office: 1514-1641 AD) which deals with initiation into the priesthood of Tarte according to the Elomaran rite. To aid the reader, who is not expected to have much in the way of context, the text is annotated.

III. Letter for a First Edict

Draft of a prefatory letter to go along with the First Edict from the Incudean overlady of Earth in case an invasion were to occur. The text is fully glossed.

IV. Mirshai Sekundu

In the summer of 2006, Sinduin was tasked with infiltrating Ministry of Defense headquarters in Rome and uploading a worm. Marjuin supported her remotely via exocomm...

V. Zeburajan Script and Texts

Introduction of the Zeburajan script used in Oxytania, as well as some sample texts.

VI. The Arabos Script of Glowgem

Considering that the fate of all mankind rests most directly on a daughter of Glowgem and a daughter of Parasai (a Glowgem colony), it might be a good idea to learn about their writing system. Yu know, just in case it comes in handy...

VII. Dolentian Primitive

By now you should be ready to explore the wondrous worlds of Dolentian lore... Yeah, right!

VIII. Transformations

Horgothic transliteration systems, relexes, etc.