Haloed Bane

What Marjuin knows

...and what I know

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Every front office needs a back office. While Sinduin is the spirit of CSD-A's Earth mission, Marjuin is its soul. Among her many delectable tasks is writing an Incudean history in English to be gifted to Humans after annexation, provided of course that there are any of them left at that point. The blue links are just a kitchen-sink draft, and will have to be heavily censored before dissemination. Yes, there are things even Marjuin doesn't know. (She's only a fourth grader after all.) The red links have the dirty tidbits missing from her chronicles.
March of the Sisters (6922-5530 BC)
Imperium Incipit (5530-3500 BC)
Constat and Malvrein (3540-3538 BC)
No Mercy for the Merciless (3500-2800 BC)
Flowers in the Abyss (2800-1500 BC)
Disaster at Rekish (1646 AD)
Take Me Home (1952 AD)
Debut (1980 AD)
Lambian, Princess of the Haloed Bane (1985 AD)
Discovery (2002 AD)