Haloed Bane

To all Humans,

Your entire history has consisted of a series of attempts to resolve the key question: “Are some of us better than others or are we all equal?” Over this issue blood has flowed in torrents. One day, even a king lost his head over the affair, but you still bickered and fought. Centuries later you pretend to have reached a consensus, though your treatment of each other belies your supposed grasp of the fact.

Let us disabuse you of the notion that there are fundamental inequalities among you. The revolutionaries in Paris were right. There are none. You are truly equal.

Every one of your religions teaches that the only measure for the worth of an idea or a course of action is its truth, and we advise you in the same spirit to accept the fact of equality. Along with it, understand that we are far superior to you and that your only task at the moment is to submit to our rule.

The older Paris was wrong and by Discord misled. But you are wiser and know better. You recognize that it is not the time for heroics. History has ended and the future is bright. My dear Humans, let us walk toward eternity together.

Yours truly,

Sungal Sinduin, Exarch of Santa Calafia and Ambassador on behalf of Incudea

(Joe Renouf's performance of F. Schubert's Impromptu in G-flat major)