Haloed Bane

Lesson Six

Teivan Reading Practice

The Klontein passage is presented once more, now in the Teivan, with notes on the script.

fediMaS 7elborwlosterMcolmrmirbinS morderpAt2fedimaS 7elboTend.

Fedimans elbo rauloster me cholmarmirbinis morder paith nu fedimans elbo trend.

  • Spacing: in Horgothic occurs only after (some) punctuation signs or after a functional noun (unless the word is immediately followed by a punctuation sign). In this sentence there are spaces after both instances of fedimans as well as cholmarmirbinis. (Line breaks may occur where spaces would happen, and also after other types of words, nut just nouns.)
  • fedimaS: Plurals are not usually spelled out, but marked by a special letter (S). See also colmrmirbinS.
  • 7elbo: Words beginning with a vowel sound are preceded in writing by the vowel companion glyph 7. This glyph is always silent.
  • M: The verb me is written like this, with the single letter M, which is a variant of m. The "leggy" variant is employed in this word and as the final -m of regular verbs and their derivates. See for example fediMaS, which is derived from the verb fediM. When the verb me is between two words without any spaces, it is often written out as a superscript as seen here.
  • colmrmirbinS: An a sound is never written out when it is preceded by a final consonant in a syllable (cholmar is rendered cholmr, or colmr).
  • 2: What goes for the verb me goes for the qualifier nu, with the letter n having its own, leggy variant 2, used in this word as well as in verbal endings.
  • Tend: Note how initial consonant clusters like tr have their own separate letters in Teivan (T), usually deriving graphically from simple consonants.

7olfinS tsujaMa capuns mijeMkuM7inze7luze2Qr ladalYnS 2finjwxyri naGnter. ns7ut gatatuM, jiky WocdukiMrwlos 7adun. jiky ruMgata2QAQr ha7olfinS docruMmn, fen5rwlos guridoc7ikusokatuMcajiky. 7azufx 2qenu juMmadex; 7wlct7olfinS QA7OtcocolmrmirbinatuMTnmijeMnekeMa 2vYlS.

Olfinis tuk sujama cha puns mijem kum inze oin luzenglar la dalionis nu finjaushiarri nagranter. Nas uth gatatum, jikia vloch dukim raulos adun. Jikia rum gatanglaiglar ha olfinis doch rum man, fenas raulos gurri doch ikusokatum cha jikia. Azu fash nu klenu jum madesh: aul chath olfinis glai oith chocholmarmirbinatum tran mijem nekema nu violins.

  • t: The connector tuk is usually so abbreviated. Unlike other similar one-glyph abbreviations (like me and nu above, and oin in this same sentence,) tuk is always made into a superscript, even when it is not immediately surrounded by words on both sides.
  • puns: This plural is spelled out fully because it is irregular. Were it regular, it would be pukins instead (in which instance it could properly be written out as puS.)
  • fen5: The small v-shape at the bottom of the last glyph in fenas marks the fact that there is an a sound between the n and the s. The warning is necessary in this case because words can end in ns in Horgothic. Notice, however, that the word nas is spelled out without the a as one would expect: ns.

gutu2jrpaMir xemPister27upatora hsturaralorxen 2denma QyndUsEje 1Fknsel. xemPis7ijil 2banUbel, G;K; $)#%!. qontEn vsdoNol 2xuPisfavicir 7omeKisanQari3lehen 2mnlwnGukenir. tnmr7alUfurrlbaQajorS panyme2Qarila7infiS. mAnKl7enans juM7axins 2vutatS cwltn Tutulinirgl TnFAnMpyfon punM. tncano vAs7orkusTnvutS, hapxgeMa 7uroMxulWocS bxter.

Gutunjarpamir shemprister nu Upatorra hasturara lorshen nu denma Glianduiseije u Flak Ansel. Shemprisijil nu Banuibel, Gro.Kro. 40351. Klontein vas donyol nu shuprisfavichir omekrisanglari he lehen nu Manlaungrukenir. Tan mar alui furrar albaglajorins paniamenglari la infikins. Main kral enans jum ashins nu vutatins chaul tan tru tulinirgal tran flainam piafon punam. Tanchano vais orkus tran vutins, ha pashgema urrom shulvlochins bashter.

  • 1: The qualifier u is written with a horizontal version of the glyph for u. Notice also the lack of a vowel companion.
  • nsel: As is evident from ansel and albaglajorins, the rule that a is elided before a final consonant in a syllable holds even at the beginning of a word.
  • G;K; $)#%!: The glyph ; marks abbreviations, usually of whole words, though sometimes of components of a word as in this case, where the compound word grimirkrasa is intended. Inculae like to retain only the consonant sounds in the first syllable of an abbreviated word, with the vowel o replacing whatever vowel was there originally. The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the native Teivan are written with the first six consonants of the script (excluding clusters), with an overline or underline added to signify these are numbers instead of letters. However, use of these Old Style numbers has declined in favor of the following New Style glyphs (not Teivan in origin): )!@#$%
  • 3: The connector he is written with a (not so) leggy form of h and behaves exactly like M etc. It also appears between words in a compound to break up an "impossible" vowel combination. For example, the word for hangar in Horgothic is momba3elis, a compound literally meaning "ship-depot." The 3 is necessary because otherwise "momba+elis" would produce the vowel combination"ae," which does not exist.
  • 7alUfurr: alui is usually a noun, and would normally be followed by a space before furra, but in this case alui is preceded by a characteristic copular verb and thus functions as an adjective. The same occurs two sentences later with orkus. (This rule has been debated for millennia.)

7axi7uro2geMa nUnenrYtuM7innlnisospel. hondt QAmEvotuM. xenlor xilyM7gmpa. ns7elu lesos juM, tnsEteMir FwcatuMtYr7upakama, fen5PecwMa vAsjystonsTuthagen xemace2Qari2feniMaS rwl7elemwnpaciMa BusyM. tn nUfelM, otuMfel, haByn monkr Peldoles 7arasEteMir. tant nUpegM7imatmwn dynsYmAS 7ul7acMQA.

Ashi urrongema nui nenriotum in nalnisospel. Hondath glai meivotum? Shen lor shiliam oin gampa. Nas elu lesos jum, tanseitemir flauchatum tior Upakama, fenas prechauma vais jias tons tru tuk hagen shemachenglari nu fenimans raul ele maun pachima brusiam. Tan nui felam, otum fel, ha brian monkar prel Doles ara seitemir. Tanath nui pegam ima tuk maun dian siomains ul acham glai.

qontEn vnjMdynjisU vukpikbuki, hatanuno 7igoKAneM. zindS vshrlMjyheMtnFinQr, fen57elu M7wl7uns Qo2guMvazeS 2vYlS. nstnQajorS sEteMir trmEheMnU, 7uns doccadinoM, lYviMmahixGuxkeMa, pxgeMgaxwl. nexe3EriMaS torminjyhrlMpAt7wl7elu 7arafeloMa lakina, fen5dwnxuPisfavicet 1dogutu2viNi juM7imaja7enavune xinajosterlokes7elu M7ulNigs. haqenutuM7wlNigs docruMcuQa, fen57infiS 7elebOvsjanYhMkidi7axibitaxa. qontEn nUruM$#)Pisvune.

Klontein vanjam dian jisui vuk pik buki, ha tanuno igokrainem. Zindins vas harlam jia hem tanflinglar, fenas elu me aul uns glongum vazekins nu violins. Nas tanglajorins seitemir tarmeihem nui, uns doch chadinom, liovim mahish grushkema, pashgem gashaul. Nesheheirimans tormin jia harlam paith aul elu ara feloma la kina, fenas daun shuprisfavicheth u dogutunvinyi jum imaja ena vune shinajoster lokes elu me ul nyigas. Ha klenutum aul nyigas doch rum chugla, fenas infikins eleboi vas janioham kidi ashi bitasha. Klontein nui rum 430prisvune.

Straight-style Script

In the past two lessons we have been employing a Teivan font in a "standard" style. Below, for comparison, is the same Klontein passage in a so-called Sainika or "straight-style" font. This style of writing is distinguished by its straight lines (without any diagonals) and by a total lack of spaces (though a glyph known as a "nominal marker" is inserted after a functional noun when no punctuation sign already follows). Straight fonts tend to be monospaced, and in keeping with their nature do not reduce the size of the abbreviated words as standard-style fonts do. Said glyphs are still usually raised somewhat above the others, however.

fediMaS\7elborwlosterMcolmrmirbinS\morderpAt2fedimaS\7elboTe nd.7olfinS\tsujaMa\capuns\mijeMkuM7inze7luze2Qr\ladalYnS\2fi njwxyri\naGnter.ns7ut\gatatuM,jiky\WocdukiMrwlos\7adun.jiky\ ruMgata2QAQr\ha7olfinS\docruMmn,fen5rwlos\guridoc7ikusokatuM cajiky.7azufx\2qenu\juMmadex;7wlct7olfinS\QA7Otcocolmrmirbin atuMTnmijeMnekeMa\2vYlS.gutu2jrpaMir\xemPister27upatora\hstu raralorxen\2denma\QyndUsEje\1Fknsel.xemPis7ijil\2banUbel,G;K ;\$)#%!.qontEn\vsdoNol\2xuPisfavicir\7omeKisanQari3lehen\2mn lwnGukenir.tnmr7alUfurrlbaQajorS\panyme2Qarila7infiS.mAnKl7e nans\juM7axins\2vutatS\cwltn\Tutulinirgl\TnFAnMpyfon\punM.tn cano\mr7orkusTnvutS,hapxgeMa\7uroMxulWocS\bxter.7axi7uro2geM a\nUnenrYtuM7innlnisospel.hondt\QAmEvotuM.xenlor\xilyM7gmpa. ns7elu\lesos\juM,tnsEteMir\FwcatuMtYr7upakama,fen5PecwMa\vAs jystonsTuthagen\xemace2Qari2feniMaS\rwl7elemwnpaciMa\BusyM.t n\nUfelM,otuMfel,haByn\monkrPeldoles\7arasEteMir.tant\nUpegM 7imatmwn\dynsYmAS\7ul7acMQA.qontEn\vnjMdynjisU\vukpikbuki,ha tanuno\7igoKAneM.zindS\vshrlMjyheMtnFinQr,fen57elu\M7wl7uns\ Qo2guMvazeS\2vYlS.nstnQajorS\sEteMir\trmEheMnU,7uns\doccadin oM,lYviMmahixGuxkeMa,pxgeMgaxwl.nexe3EriMaS\torminjyhrlMpAt7 wl7elu\7arafeloMa\lakina,fen5dwnxuPisfavicet\1dogutu2viNijuM 7imaja7enavune\xinajosterlokes7elu\M7ulNigs.haqenutuM7wlNigs \docruMcuQa,fen57infiS\7elebOvsjanYhMkidi7axibitaxa.qontEn\n UruM$#)Pisvune.