Haloed Bane

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Below you'll find some random images.

Not sure what's going on here, but whatever it is I don't think it's canon:

Gryphonic Sinduin to the rescue

Most of the members of CSDA-22, i.e. the people tasked with monitoring Earth and keeping it under control (and wraps):

CSDA-22 crew

Some background info on what's going on:

Sinduin Saga

Sinduin and Papieca (duh):

Sin & Pap

Sinduin striking a pose somewhere in Danaton, known to the masses as "The Shopping Planet":

Sin in a corset

And now for some ships! (Excuse the poor quality, the images were taken from a dead Targan scout during the last rebellion.) First is a sky venter, which an infantry transport ship:

Sky Venter

Next is a thorn venter, your classic mothership, which usually carries 80+ attack ships:

Thorn Venter

Here is the big mother though, a seed venter. It can carry up to 36 thorn venters usually:

Seed Venter

Enough of venters. Here is the Incudean equivalent of a battleship, the much feared cannonheart:


If you want something slicker, then how about an elfmare:


And for the demanding types out there, here is a wacky-looking glass cannon known as a mobile strike base:

Mobile Strike Base

Every occupation force needs to restore financial stability as soon as possible. A22 is considering a bunch of options, one of which is to have the Exarchy of Santa Calafia (California-basec proxy government) issue paper money more or less in the style of the not longer as mighty American dollar. Here is $1, with a Haloed Earth to bring the point home:

1 Santa Calafia Dollar Bill

The $6 bill features cultural hero and pride of Incudea Ransain, on her way to overthrow the the tyrant Antarais. It's kind of required to have some reference to Ransain in all our printed currency:

6 Santa Calafia Dollar Bill

Th $12 bill has an idyllic Ansel Adams photo of Manzanar, Cali:

12 Santa Calafia Dollar Bill

Some have suggested leveraging the striking resemblance between Inculae and Human women to persuade the latter to collaborate with the new regime and overthrow the patriarchy for good. The designs below showcase famous Humans victimized by men. On the $36 bill, Lady Godiva:

36 Santa Calafia Dollar Bill

On the $108, Mary Dyer:

108 Santa Calafia Dollar Bill

The $216 bill features Queen Cleopatra. If the lack of security features on these bills disturbs you, fear not. They'll know if you're counterfeiting, they know and they'll find you:

216 Santa Calafia Dollar Bill
Sandalion in student gear Sandalion in student gear Sandalion in student gear