Haloed Bane

In a universe brimming with intelligent life, the Incudean Empire led by the Silver Sisters has finally brought every planetary system under her sway. As the masses begin to enjoy a long-awaited eternal peace, Incudea's Council is shaken by two developments: the discovery of an entirely separate dimension, and news that rebels have already infiltrated a planet in the new universe, inhabited by so-called Humans. Agent Sinduin is sent to study Earth and prevent the rebels from using it against Incudea.

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Past Present Future
They called themselves the Commonwealth of Sisters and the Truest Empire of Lights, but those who suffered their aimless all-consuming fire knew them better as the Butchers of the Merciless Myriad, the Army of the Daughters of Chaos, or simply: the Haloed Bane. Incudean Conciliar Sub-Division A, Group 22 lead agent: Sinduin. Born two hundred years ago on the god-forsaken, drake-infested moon of Albrajen, her saga begins now, and nobody knows how it will end, but one thing seems absolutely certain: All roads lead to Earth. ? ? ?