Haloed Bane

Africa Arc

  • Interviewer: OK, so we'll start filming now.
  • Sinduin: OK.
  • Interviewer: Hello there. What's your name?
  • Sinduin: I'd rather not say.
  • Interviewer: Oh, well, OK then. That's not important.
  • Sinduin: I didn't think so.
  • Interviewer: Right, so... We're asking people on the street what they think of the education debate here in Sweden.
  • Sinduin: I see.
  • Interviewer: What do you think of the free school system, for example?
  • Sinduin: Education here is severely lacking.
  • Interviewer: Oh, you have a harsh way of putting it.
  • Sinduin: People are not taught to defend themselves. And with all the cuts to the military budget, well...let's just say Spica Platoon could take this country by itself.
  • Interviewer: Spica Platoon? OK. Where did you say you're from?
  • Sinduin: I didn't say.
  • Interviewer: You're right, of course. It's a manner of speaking.
  • Sinduin: It's fictional, look it up. Oh, and how you're gutting NASA is appalling.
  • Interviewer: But NASA's not even Swedish!!
  • Sinduin: Think globally, act locally. A house divided against itself-
  • Interviewer: I give up, turn that off, we'll ask someone else.